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Our Planners Help Alleviate The Stress Around Wedding Planning

Our Planners Help Alleviate The Stress Around Wedding Planning

We said we wanted to put the fun in wedding planning, right? These notebooks do just that. I'm not saying that there won't be any stress involved in planning a ceremony.  But it definitely shouldn't outdo the fun involved. That's where these books come in. They get rid of the pressure to stick with ceremonial traditions and motivates you to do your own thing. But of course, it doesn't leave you hanging. It offers amazing alternatives and provides inspiration for aesthetics and the not-so-fun specifics.


No bride has time for extra stress.

The Bride Wedding Planner will easily help with the wedding planning, plenty of room for notes and lots of helpful features to keep things on track and record inspiration. With contemporary design the bride will love, this is the perfect gift for an engagement, bridal shower or from a bridesmaid or proud parents!

My Bride Notes - Cute Wedding Planning A5 Notebooks for Bride to Be, Bridal Party, Cute Gift for Engaged Friend, Bridal Gift


The Maid of Honor potentially has just as many responsibilities, and sometimes more, than the bride herself. So it only makes sense to have a planner with her in mind. It's such a unique way to show love and appreciation to the woman who will stand closest to you on your big day. It includes details of the dress she'll wear, her tasks before, during, and after the wedding, as well as a bridal shower checklist and planner. Your maid of honor is a superhero and will certainly be deserving of a cape in the form of this book.



These planners make a great addition to any proposal box.


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